Help Center / What are the most common conditions placed on licensure?

  1. You were ordered into the Professionals Recovery Network (PRN). Telephone number 1.800.888.8776. a. PRN will determine if monitoring is required or not. b. If you sign a contract a memo will be sent to the board office approximately 2 weeks after you sign your contract. c. If the board indicated no further action is required you will receive a clear and active license.
  2. You were ordered to have a probationary period. a. Probationary report papers will be sent to you within 7 days of the board Office receiving a copy of your Order entitled “Notice of Intent to Approve with Conditions.”
  3. You were ordered to complete additional Continuing Education (CE) as a condition of licensure

a. You may obtain a list of CE providers by visiting . The board office does not keep a list of providers or the classes they offer.

b. You are allowed to complete these courses online unless the board indicated otherwise. These are the most common conditions placed on an initial license. You may have other conditions placed on your license not covered here.