School Directors/Owners: Changes to Proof of Graduation Requirements

Posted in Latest News on January 31, 2014.

Because of recent issues involving fraudulent transcripts used to receive massage therapist licenses, changes were made to Rule Chapter 64B7-32.002, F.A.C. and were effective December 8, 2013.

64B7-32.002 Proof of Graduation.

To be acknowledged as a graduate of a Board approved massage school as referred to in Section 480.033(9), F.S., the Board’s administrative office must receive one of the following:

(1) List of graduates sent electronically in a method designed by the Board office; or

(2) Official transcript which indicates that an applicant has met all educational and institutional requirements indicating the date of enrollment and the date of graduation.

 An official transcript must include the following:

(a) Transcript must be printed on counterfeit proof paper;
(b) Transcript must be created in an electronic system at the approved massage school that includes an audit trail;
(c) Transcripts must be sent directly from the school to the Board office in a sealed envelope that states “Transcript is not valid if seal is broken.”

Rulemaking Authority 480.035(7) FS. Law Implemented 480.033(9), 480.041(1)(b) FS. History–New 3-25-86, Formerly 21L-32.002, Amended 2-13-95, 2-21-96, Formerly 61G11-32.002, Amended 2-26-12, 12-8-13.

Graduate lists are verified within 24 hours of receipt. If you would like to begin submitting password protected graduate lists to the Board office, please email for further instruction. You will need to provide the names of the primary contact and back-up contact person for each campus. These individuals will be submitting the electronic graduate lists to our office.

If you are unable to submit electronic graduate lists, or password protect your graduate lists, you must mail a hard copy of official transcripts printed on counterfeit proof paper to our office at: Board of Massage Therapy, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin C-06, Tallahassee, FL 32399.

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