Minimum Requirements for Board Approved Massage Schools

Course of Study

Board approved massage schools must offer a course of study that includes a minimum of five hundred hours in required subject areas, completed at a rate of no more than six hours per day, and thirty hours per week.

Minimum Subject Area Requirements

Current minimum subject area requirements allow some subjects to be offered as instruction hours, rather than classroom hours.

Subject AreaRequired Classroom HoursTotal Required Hours (Classroom and Instruction)
Anatomy and Physiology0150
Basic Massage Theory and History75100
Clinical Practicum125125
Allied Modalities7676
Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy1215
Florida Laws and Rules010
Professional Ethics04
HIV/AIDS Education03
Medical Errors02

Examination Passage Rates

Board approved massage schools must maintain a passage rate on national examinations that is no more than 10 percentage points from the national average for first-time examinees.

If the passage rate falls below 10 percentage points for two consecutive calendar years, the school may be placed on probation status. The board may require the school to appear to discuss remediation.

The board may rescind school approval if the passage rate continues to be below 10 percentage points for either calendar year following probationary status.

Facilities, Faculty, and other Requirements

Questions about facility, faculty and other requirements not related to minimum standards in Rule 64B7-32.003, Florida Administrative Code should be directed to the Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education (for private postsecondary schools), or to the Department of Education (for public institutions).