Instructor Qualifications and Approvals

Instructors are reviewed to determine whether they are qualified to teach approved continuing education courses under an approved providership.

Instructor Qualifications

An instructor is qualified to teach continuing education courses if the instructor holds a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution with a major in a subject area directly related to the course or courses to be offered.

An instructor may also be qualified if:

  • The instructor has completed a course of study at a massage school whose course of study meets or exceeds the required course of study requirements for approval in Florida,or
  • The instructor has completed apprenticeship training in Florida, or
  • The instructor has taught at a massage school which was approved by a state licensing authority, national massage association or accrediting body and has five years of professional experience in the practice of massage.

To be qualified by completion of a course of study at a massage school, apprenticeship training, or previous teaching experience, the instructor must also have:

  • Two years of teaching experience in the subject to be offered within the last five years, or
  • Previously offered a course at a board approved massage school with content equivalent to or exceeding the continuing education course to be offered, or
  • Completed specialized training in the subject matter to be offered and have a minimum of two years of practical experience in the subject.

Registration and Approval

  • Submit an instructor application through CEBroker.
  • Attach Form C: Instructor Qualifications Form to your instructor application.