Colonic Irrigation Apprentice

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For Colonic Irrigation Apprenticeships, the requirements are as follows and can be found in Section 480.041, F.S. and Rule 64B7-29, F.A.C.

The apprentice must be:

  • Licensed to practice massage under Chapter 480, F.S., or
  • Approved as an apprentice under Rule 64B7-29, F.A.C., or
  • A student in a Board approved massage school.

The sponsoring massage therapist must be:

  • Licensed to practice massage under Chapter 480, F.S., and
  • Authorized to practice colonic irrigation in Florida, and
  • Must have practiced colonic irrigation for at least three years prior to sponsorship.

The qualified massage establishment must be:

  • Licensed as a massage establishment under Chapter 480, F.S., and meet requirements per Rule 64B7-26, F.A.C.
  • Equipped with colonic irrigation equipment and disposable colonic attachments or sterilization equipment for non-disposable attachments.

The apprentice must complete 100 hours of training, including 45 hours of clinical practicum as required by Rule 64B7-31.001(2), F.A.C., within 24 months.

Submit application with the appropriate fee to the board office.

If you completed your application online please submit the Sponsoring Massage Therapist Form and the Sponsoring Massage Establishment Form.

Once all an application has been received it will be reviewed by Board staff. It may be necessary for Board staff to request additional information. Once all requirements for licensure are met, Board staff will flag the proposed establishment for inspection.
Once Board staff receives a passing inspection result a certificate will be issued and should be received in the mail within 7-10 working days.

Do not begin your colonic irrigation apprenticeship program until you have received your official certificate.

Application Fee – $100.00 (non-refundable)

Make cashier’s check or money order payable to “Department of Health.”

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Chapter 480: Massage Practice
Chapter 456: Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions

Florida Administrative Codes

Chapter 64B7: Board of Massage