Application for Colonic Irrigation Apprenticeship

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Colonic irrigation apprenticeship is a means to complete education required for certification in colonic irrigation. A colonic irrigation apprenticeship requires:

  • A massage therapist license in Florida.
    Colonic irrigation apprenticeship cannot be completed without first being licensed as a massage therapist.
  • A sponsor to directly supervise your training and report completion at the end of your apprenticeship.
    A sponsoring massage therapist must be licensed as a massage therapist in Florida, must not have prior discipline, must be certified to practice colonic irrigation in Florida, and must have practiced colonic irrigation in Florida or any other state, territory, or jurisdiction for no less than three years.
  • A qualified establishment where training will take place.
    The qualified establishment must be a licensed massage establishment in Florida, must not have prior discipline, and must be equipped with colonic irrigation textbooks and teaching materials, colonic irrigation equipment and sterilization equipment, if non-disposable attachments are to be used.

Before beginning a colonic irrigation apprenticeship:

  • Submit an application to be a colonic irrigation apprentice. This includes ascertaining a sponsor and a qualified establishment.
    Board staff cannot assist in finding a sponsor or qualified establishment on your behalf. Applications submitted without fees will not be processed.
     For more information on how to submit a fee payment for an application that has already been submitted, see our “How Do I…?”.
  • Pass inspection for colonic irrigation apprenticeship.
    This inspection will be scheduled when your application is complete.
  • Receive your colonic irrigation apprenticeship certificate, start letter, and colonic irrigation apprenticeship forms.
    Once received, you may begin your apprenticeship training.

During your apprenticeship:

  • Complete the required training hours under the supervision of your sponsor, in the qualified establishment.
    No training may be completed unsupervised or outside the qualified establishment.
  • Ensure that your sponsor records the training you have completed.

When your apprenticeship ends:

  • Ensure that your sponsor submits required documentation to the board office.
    Hours must be submitted by your sponsor. Hours submitted by apprentices will not be accepted.

Board staff will review the records submitted by your sponsor; if training is completed, you will receive a letter and an authorization to test form for the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy (NBCHT) examination, which is required for certification.

You will not be able to practice colonic irrigation under your apprenticeship once training is complete and will need to apply for colonic irrigation certification.

Application fee (non-refundable):            $100.00

Applications submitted without fees will not be processed.