Continuing Education (CE) Provider Approval

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For Continuing Education (CE) Provider Approval, the requirements are as follows and can be found in Rule Chapter 64B7-28.010, F.A.C.

  1. Complete an application with fee through
  2. Provide three sample courses and an instructor for each
  3. Submit Course Offering Data Form B for each course
  4. Submit a sample certificate of completion for each course
  5. Submit Instructor Qualifications Form C

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Tips for Submitting a Course Offering Data Form B

Learner Objectives – Describe the expected learner outcomes in behavioral terms that are attainable, can be evaluated, and are relevant to the practice of massage as defined in Chapter 480, Florida Statutes.

Tip: Learner objectives are what the student will be able to do once the course is finished. Student behaviors are steps learners actually do in order to learn or know. Some examples of these steps are: define, name, discuss, explain, distinguish, reconstruct, identify, state, contrast and compare, list, point out, outline, apply, write, perform, debate, research, etc.

Subject Matter – Adjacent to each objective, outline the subject matter that corresponds to the objective. Content should be current, accurate, and in logical order. Document the currency and accuracy of subject matter with references/bibliography.

Tip: Subject matter is what you are trying to teach. Each subject may be broken down to smaller sub parts. Each learner outcome must be matched with just one subject. References should then be listed for each subject taught. For example, if the learner objectives are “define research”, “discuss types of research”, and “explain the scientific method.” Research literacy would be the subject matter and “Massage Therapy Principles and Practice”, 4th Edition by Susan G. Salvo as the reference citation.

Teaching Method – How will you, the instructor, convey the information being presented to the learner?

Tip: Will you lecture or demonstrate? Will the student read a book chapter? How will you utilize principles of adult education? Do you know your students’ individual learning styles? Your teaching methodology should include addressing the auditory learner, kinesthetic learner, and the visual learner.

Continuing education courses approved for Licensed Massage Therapists must be congruent with the Massage Practice Act (Chapter 480 F.S.). Courses that propose to teach subject matter that is outside of the scope of practice for Massage Therapy will not be approved.

  1. The courses, instructors, and materials submitted on CE Broker will route to the Florida Board of Massage Therapy. CE Broker does not make any eligibility determinations.
  2. An application specialist will review your submissions for completeness and then forward to the board liaison for final evaluation.
  3. The board office will request any additional documentation or the approval decision electronically via CE Broker’s electronic messaging system.

Application Fee – $100.00 (non-refundable, payable through CE Broker)

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Chapter 480: Massage Practice
Chapter 456: Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions

Florida Administrative Codes

Chapter 64B7: Board of Massage