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Massage Establishment FAQs

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How can my Florida massage education program pay for my licensure application?

Instead of the student providing their own credit card for payment when completing the online registration application, they will have the option to enter the ‘Other Payer Code‘€™ to complete the application process. The application will be uploaded for processing and will stay in pending status until the massage program makes the payment. Interested massage programs will need to register with the Florida Board of Massage Therapy as an Other Payer and receive an ‘Other Payer Code‘.

I have moved my business location, what should I do?

You must submit a change of location application and pass an inspection at the new location in order to change the location of your business.

What is considered a change in ownership? What should I do?

Because a massage establishment license is non-transferable between owners, each new owner must apply for a new license number. Any change from one owner type to another type is considered a change in ownership (i.e. a change from individual to individual, sole-proprietor to corporation, corporation to corporation, etc.). Please note, if an individual becomes incorporated, and the corporation now owns the establishment, that is considered a change of ownership. It is a change of ownership even if the individual who previously owned the establishment now owns the corporation. Any change in corporate officers is not considered a change in ownership, if the corporation itself remains the same.

Are there additional requirements my business must meet in my city or county?

A county or municipality, within its jurisdiction, may regulate persons and establishments licensed under Chapter 480, F.S., Massage Practice Act. Such regulation shall not exceed the powers of the state under this act or be inconsistent with this act. Please contact your local tax collector or other local licensing entity for their specific business requirements.

When will my massage establishment be inspected? Will the inspector call first?

For new establishments, the owner of the establishment will be contacted by the inspector to set an appointment to conduct the initial inspection. For current licensees, the inspector may visit the facility at any time to conduct a routine inspection of your licensed establishment each year. A copy of the inspection form used by DOH inspectors can be reviewed and may help to prepare for an inspection.

Is insurance coverage necessary for a massage establishment?

Yes, a massage establishment must provide proof confirming property damage and bodily injury liability insurance coverage. Only the licensed massage therapist who is the owner of the establishment may use insurance from a professional association to satisfy this requirement for massage establishment licensure.

Who is exempt from massage establishment licensure?

Effective July 1, 2014, physicians licensed under Chapters 458, 459 or 460, who employ a licensed massage therapist to perform massage therapy on the physician’s patients at the physician’s place of practice are exempt from having a massage establishment license. However, if the massage therapist performs massage therapy on someone other than a patient of the physician, a massage establishment license is required.

If you meet the requirement of this exemption and no longer wish to maintain your massage establishment license, please return the original license along with a letter to the Board of Massage Therapy (address below) indicating you wish to voluntary relinquish the license. The letter MUST include the establishment’s name, address and license number, as well as the name and signature of the owner of the license.

Board of Massage Therapy
4052 Bald Cypress Way
Bin C-06
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3257